Weddings & Functions


At Vredenhof, we promote good nutrition and good health. To this end,  we organize presentations by people who are knowledgeable about these subjects. Over the last few years, many people have delivered presentations at Vredenhof about treatments and cures for allergies, diabetes, obesity, skin problems, blood problems, heart problems and many other ailments. We continue to organize these presentations on a regular basis and we advertise them on our website and by email. Please let us know if you would like us to send you invitations to these events.

Our facilities at Vredenhof are suitable for many different kinds of events. We have a garden, a covered terrace, a stage, and a pergola that are ideal for small weddings, parties, dance classes and other activities. We provide the catering for these events. We invite you to visit Vredenhof to see if our farm is suitable for events that you may be planning.