For gourmets and food lovers, the most important place is the kitchen and our kitchen is second to none. Our kitchen has all the equipment that is necessary to prepare the finest meals. Our kitchen has all the ingredients that are necessary to prepare the most delicious meals. And, with our chef, George, his sous-chef, Mark, and their twelve assistants, we have all the people with all the skills and all the experience to prepare dishes that our clients will enjoy and remember.

Our farm delivers fresh vegetables, herbs, fruits and eggs to our kitchen every day and we buy other fresh ingredients every day. Our kitchen not only prepares a large variety of delicious and beautiful dishes to serve in our restaurant; we also bake fresh bread, cakes, pies, quiches, croissants and other pastries every morning; we make our own pasta and pasta sauces; we make our own mayonnaise, chilli sauce, ketchup and other condiments; and we cook pizzas in our own pizza oven. Other items that we make in our kitchen and serve in our restaurant or sell in our shop include sauces, jams, juices, ice-cream, pickles, coleslaw and sauerkraut. Hygiene is very important and we clean our kitchen thoroughly every day. We invite our clients to visit and inspect our kitchen.