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  • 09

    10:00 -12:00


    The display on the table, which I am representing, is food and items that contributed to my journey of healing.

    I was diagnosed with severe IBS and diabetes. No matter what I tried to do, nothing worked. The doctors prescribed preventative medication which made my blood sugar so low that I would tumble downs the stairs. This preventative medication was for my heart, cholesterol, blood pressure and water retention.

    At 30, I was bedridden. I remember praying and saying “I don’t want to die”. I had two small children. All I asked was wisdom to help me overcome this illness but my IBS only got worse. I could hardly eat without getting severe back and stomach pains. I would stand in the shower for half an hour at a time as the  warm water helped to relieve the pain.

    I started reading and watching videos and questioning everything especially about the prescribed medication. After I started my journey the chemist  told me to return all the medication that I had  been prescribed. I was rather surprised for how could he possibly know….. This is when I started to get well.

    On Saturday the 9th of March, I am going to share my journey with you and all the knowledge I got. I will show you how I became IBS free, so bring a pen and a paper. By sharing my information, maybe, it will save someone’s life.

    My passion,through my market table, is to educate people on how to help heal themselves.

    I hope to see you all at our talk.