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    10:00 -11:00
    Bredell Road, Firgrove, 7130
    Vredenhof Organic Estate, Bredell Road, Firgrove, 7130

    Are you tired of wearing glasses??


    Learn how to improve your eyesight – Naturally – without the need for glasses, lenses, surgery, drugs or any other unnatural means!


    Taking you through sound logic and facts, this talk will challenge some beliefs about our ability to correct eyesight problems!


    Learn about key principles and simple habits that help to restore your eyesight.


    Experience other interesting phenomena about eyesight.


    You hear about Dr. William Bates and his methods that have been successfully helping people restore their sight for more than a century.


    Lawrence Batchelor has been researching natural eyesight improvement for the past 8 years in order to overcome his own struggles with presbyopia, or age related shortening of the arm!

    He is also a qualified Iyengar Yoga Teacher for many years and has been exploring natural healing and personal development.