Health Talk at Vredenhof with Guest Michael Plumstead.

27-02-2018 12:00 - 13:00
Bredell Road, Firgrove, 7130
Phone:021 855 0363
Address: Vredenhof Organic Estate, Bredell Road, Firgrove, 7130

My name is Michael Plumstead, please join me and discover all the aspects of health, increase your longevity, heal yourself from dreaded diseases, boost body performance, enhance your mental power, improve your wellbeing and wealth, discover all this in terms of energy, frequency, your immune system, but be prepared to change many aspects of your life style.

I will take you on my health journey from being critically ill, to regaining my health right up to last month. It will include all the diseases I had accumulated over the first 40 years of my adult life and how I was mistreated with day to day medicine causing even more ill-health. They include, but not limited to:

  1. I was told there was no cure.
  2. Diabetes 2. I was told there was no cure.
  3. Gout and later arthritis. I was told there was no cure.
  4. Leaky gut, Lyme’s disease and many other health problems.
  5. A mild stroke.

The last straw was being pushed in a wheelchair by my wife to my daughter’s birthday celebration in a restaurant in Montecasino in Fourways in Johannesburg. Everyone around the table was shocked when I arrived. I was so embarrassed.

I had become so frustrated with pain, inflammation and fatigue. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was already in my sixties and felt totally helpless. Now I could not even walk by myself.


That night, I made up my mind to take my health destiny into my own hands and started researching the Internet to discover, how I had reached this point of no return. Was there really no cure in this modern day and age for the most common causes of death?

Once I had decided to research and take care of my own health, things started to change.

With great gratitude for getting my health back, I intend to share with you the secrets I discovered that brought me back to health. I am still on my trial and error health journey as I will explain at the talk.

I will share from my personal health journey aspects that, I hope, will help everyone live healthier, pain-free and longer:

  • Body acidity
  • Brain and body inflammation
  • Biggest enemies in your diet
  • Nucleotides, DNA, electrolytes and enzymes
  • Emotional, mental and physical stress on the mind
  • Nerves are the missing link
  • Telomeres and mitochondria for longevity
  • Ultrasound and the science behind it.

Join my health and longevity club – for free.

If you attend my free talk, you will qualify to join my monthly email journey, which will update you on all my health discoveries and experiments and answer your questions about your health journey. We will form our own exclusive club of health and longevity. We will share our bucket-list of things we want to do before we turn 120 years old.

Just re-image your life and ask yourself any question starting with “What if… “- like, what if I was disease and pain-free and all my systems were working at optimum efficiency.



Date: 27th February 2018

Time: 12h00pm to 13h00

Venue: Vredenhof Organic Estate


I will also be in Napier (1st March) and Cape Town (5th March).

Let’s Live Healthier and Longer